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We are a USA Manufacturer dedicated to bringing you the unbelievable comfort of quality to . The energy efficient uses electric to warm up your floors in your home or office, which then naturally radiates to warm up the rest of the room. In addition to reducing your energy costs in , will reduce air-born allergens as you can limit the amount of air forced through a dusty and noisy duct system. An appreciation for quality is what drives us to manufacture the premiere mats available. However, high quality does not mean high prices, we have flexible pricing for . In addition to the low start up cost for your , you will continue to save on your energy costs as our are energy effiecent and a cost effective heat source.

installation is simple, we proudly manufacture our heating solutions with the DIYer's in mind. The self adhesive mats are only 1/8' inch in thickness allowing for easy installation under any type of flooring: wood, tile, lament, marble, carpet, ect. Additionally, we provide you a free professionally engineered layout specifically designed for your dimensions. Following this layout installations is simple and fast, if you prefer not to install the yourself we gladly will help you locate an independent contractor for our list of trusted contractors in .

is cost effective serving as an excellent secondary or primary energy efficent heat source. The cost of 1watt of heating mat is more efficent that using 1watt of a standard light bulb. We understand that residents are conscious about energy efficiency, therefore continued energy efficiency with is provided by having each room individually controlled, allowing you to heat only what you are using.

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